August 11 Orangeville

What is it?

Pinewood Derby.

First started by the Boy Scouts of America, Pinewood Derby racers are easy to build and fun to race. Basically it's a block of wood with four nails holding the wheels on. You can build your own kit, or if you can't find one you can pick one up for $10 at any of the Orangeville retailers listed at the bottom of this page.

Orangeville's Premier Classic Car Show

Pretty much anything goes, so let your imagination take over! There will be races, and a mini car show. So have fun with the design and build, even if it isn't the fastest you could still get a prize for looks!

Please see this link for more info. You can also watch the video below that walks you through some tips on how to make one and how the races are structured. Just remember, the focus is on having fun!

Kits require adult supervision for assembly.

Comes with block of wood, four axles and four wheels.

Paint and decorate as you wish, keep weight under 140 grams (5oz) to compete for speed.

Cost is $10.

You may build your own using wood size specs above. Most hobby and craft shops can supply the wheels. 1" Common (smooth shaft) nails can be used to attach wheels.

If you know someone with a 3D printer you can use this link for wheels: (Thinkiverse)

Size can be smaller, but can't exceed wood block drawing above.

Kit comprising of wood block, four axles and four custom wheels.


Please email us for details on how to get your kit: (Buy Kits)

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